ICT Training

ICT Training is an IT qualification that is created to help and develop disadvantaged and unemployed youth with IT skills that will allow them to work for any company with the certificate that we offer. The training will provide them with computer skills, Entrepreneurship, and coding skills.

The coursers vary and anyone who want to further their studies in IT can apply. Below are the courses that we offer:

Qualification: National Certificate: Information Technology: End User Computing

NQF Level: Level 3

MICT Credits: 130

Qualification: Further Education and Training Certificate: Information Technology: Technical Support

NQF Level: Level 4

MICT Credits: 163

Qualification: National Certificate: Information Technology : Systems Development

NQF Level: Level 5 

MICT Credits: 131

We also offer special training session for Group of people, Companies, and School Support.

Enelo Development is a MICT SETA Accredited: ACC Number – ACC/2019/09/0002

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